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Egg Cooker Hard & Soft Maker AS SEEN ON TV, BPA Free, Non Stick Silicone Eggs Boiler Cookers without Egg Shell

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Egg Cooker Hard & Soft Maker AS SEEN ON TV, BPA Free, Non Stick Silicone Eggs Boiler Cookers without Egg Shell

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Great addition to the kitchen toolbox.
Overall Rating
"These are just plain fun. Fun to look at, fun to use, and they were easy to use. I got perfect results the first time out.
Good product, and honestly represented."
Review by Anne Fisher
Perfect poached eggs
Overall Rating
I got these to try instead of a pan and cup setup. I like it. They are soft and pliable so they won't take up hardly any space. I sprayed the inside with cooking spray so the eggs wouldn't stick placed them with eggs in slow boiling water with a lid on the pan for four minutes. Perfect eggs and they were easy to clean up.
Review by Roadtrip
Don't wait....BUY them now!
Overall Rating
These egg poachers are totally awesome! I used them for the first time last weekend and made perfect poached eggs on my first try. Super easy to use and to clean up afterwards! So happy with this purchase!
Review by J. A. Quayle
hese things are great! Money well-spent.
Overall Rating
Having tried to poach eggs the old-fashioned way, I was keen to try something new. These are great! Easy to use, easy to clean. I do have to boil beyond the recommended 5 minutes to get them done enough. The eggs pop right out! I wish they had 4 corners instead of 3...might make them a little easier to lift out of the water. I love this product!
Review by Mike Coleman
Super easy, great for making breakfast in a hurry.
Overall Rating
These are great. I love poached eggs and these make it super easy. I honestly didn't expect them to work as well as they did. Make sure to spray them with a little cooking oil and pay around with the time you leave them in the water. The first time I made them they sat a little too long and the yoke got a little cooked but that was an easy fix. If you want lovely poached eggs in very little time I highly recommend these little jobbies.
Review by Chief Gus
At Last! Perfect poached eggs!
Overall Rating
My husband and I enjoyed perfectly poached eggs on toast for breakfast. I pour a little olive oil into one cup, then used a brush to slick up the insides of each of my other 3 poaching cups. I find this works better than the spray. Unlike metal egg poachers I've had in the past, these clean up quickly & easily, and are easy to store. Thanks for a great product!
Review by Foxwing
reasonable price
Overall Rating
I kept seeing poached eggs on my cooking shows and had never eaten one. So, I searched and this came up. I bought it as it was a reasonable price and if I found I didn't like poached eggs I wasn't out much. My first poached ever and it was easy, perfect and delicious. I was telling a friend and she said she also has these and loves them. I will be eating plenty more.
Review by S. K. Collins
These poaching pods worked perfectly on the first try
Overall Rating
These poaching pods worked perfectly on the first try. I wiped them with a little duck fat and poached the eggs for 4 1/2 minutes in a medium-high simmer. They turned out eggs with perfectly runny yolks and no liquid whites. After loosening the top edges with a butter knife, they slipped right out and onto the English muffin halves that were topped with smoked salmon. Dill flavored hollandaise and a little red salmon caviar topped them off. I was in heaven! Clean-up was a breeze. I'll never do over-easy eggs again.
Review by Fish Bait
Simple design, great results...
Overall Rating
After years of futtzing around with vinegar in water, and spoons, I finally found these egg poachers and they work really well. Just great and crack an egg in, gently pick 'em up and gently lower into simmering water, cover and leave for 8-10 mins (depending on how you like your eggs cooked). Slide the eggs out onto a piece of toast and you are good to go鈥o more scrubbing weird filmy bits of egg white of the side of the pot (icky) and perfectly poached eggs every time. Simple design, great results...
Review by SusieQ
Overall Rating
These silicone egg poachers are great. I was able to make perfect poached eggs the first time I used these products for my spin on paleo friendly eggs benedict.
Review by Mona Baker

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