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Websun 6pcs Bun Maker Hair Bun Shapers Hair Styling Maker Beauty Crown and Donut Hair Bun Maker Magic DIY Curler Roller Hairstyle Tools (6pcs)

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Websun 6pcs Bun Maker Hair Bun Shapers Hair Styling Maker Beauty Crown and Donut Hair Bun Maker Magic DIY Curler Roller Hairstyle Tools (6pcs)


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  • 【Pack of 6pcs】Hair donut maker set including 6colors

  • 【Top material】Made of synthetic wig with flexible wire inside .

  • 【Size】Approx 8.35inch x 0.98inch, pls see the size details in the pictures

  • 【Colors】Black,Dark,Brown,Coffee,Light coffee,Beige

  • 【Perfect for Any Occasions】Suitable for daily life,work,school,party,graduation,prom,ballet recital,yoga practice and so on, easy to make bun,a good gift for yourself or your female friends.



How to use it? You can do the style you want.

Daily Buns

Step 1
In top layer of hair spread hair between the magic hair set then roll hair up.

Step 2
Bend ends down until they meet.

Step 3
Grasp bottom layer of hair into a pony tall twist hair slightly to keep it tightly gathered.

Step 4
Place gathered hair inside bun by wrapping ends of bun around pony tall. 

Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly.

European Buns

Step 1
Open Magic hair set and place at neck. Arrange hair cross magic set, then pull down to bottom of hair.

Step 2
Hold both ends of the magic hair set and roll hair up until against head. Bend both ends down until they meet. Slide hair to cover ends.


Material: Synthetic Hair, Spring Material
Colors: Black, Red Brown,Dark Brown, Brown, Coffee, Light Coffee, Light Brown,Beige.
Size: Approx 8.35 inch*0.98 inch (21.2cmx2.5cm)
PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASIONS - Daily Life, Work, School, Night out Party, Wedding, Graduation, Prom, Ballet Recital, Yoga Practice and Many More.

Customer Reviews 23 item(s)

Good bun maker
Overall Rating
I happened to see the product, and the price is very attractive. So I gave it a try. I have already used it for three days. The wig haven't fall off and the wire still works. I think these 7 bun makers could last me a long time. Review by MarkA
The colours are very pretty and quite natural.
Overall Rating
The colours are very pretty and quite natural. The finish is satin, and comes up on both dark and light skin types. However, the consistency is quite chalky and some of the lighter shades need building up/blending. Overall, quite smooth but you may need a primer. Nice colours, really nice soft feel and it feels buttery not chalk. There's not much powder kick back which is great and it stays in place brilliantly with a little primer on underneath. Lovely colours, very easy to apply and lasts all day. Brilliant quality, well worth the money. I will order another. Very happy to get this maker the shades are lovely. Swatched a few on hand for reference. Arrived safe unbroken. Very happy with colours, really good quality, very compact you can take with you. When it arrived, it was smaller than I thought it would be but it's a lovely product. Review by Eleanor Budenstein
Very handy
Overall Rating
This set contains 7 different color hair buns. I used the coffee one which is much closer to my hair color and shared the others with my family. Very easy to use. Just takes one minute to make a bun. At first, I was confused the belt is so long and found out I should fold and put my hair in between. My advice is to follow the instructions. Review by Genevieve Koniski
Pretty great
Overall Rating
Sponge donut things never work on my thick long hair. These donut makers of wire and wig are hard and able to stand the weight of my hair. I still recommend you not to do buns if you have long thick hair. Your scalp could not carry the weight and your hair will lose. But these things work well if you need bun makers. Highly recommend. Review by Shannon Kaminski
Stepan Sibiryakov
Overall Rating
I can do anything with my long hair and this donut bun maker is helping me to make a perfect bun. And because it comes with two clips, making two perfect buns in my hair is possible. Nice hair product. Review by Nice hair product.
Save a lot of time
Overall Rating
My first time attempting took about 10 minutes. After several practices, it now takes me 3 minutes top. To make a bun with a bun maker is time-saving and useful if you get the trick. Watching teaching video helps. Review by Gina RWentworth
Useful little hair gadget
Overall Rating
I bought these for my daughter's dance lessons. I am not good at making buns and she has complained several times that her bun often loosed half class. With this little DIY tool, her hair looks amazing and stays tight and neat. Review by Xue Yu
Actually works and is tight enough!
Overall Rating
It actually works and is tight enough! The snap is very strong though, so be careful when you are rolling it up. I snapped the band by accident mid-roll and it was hard to get open (and stay open) again! When I finished rolling my hair, I bended the band around to close the loop, and it actually kept my hair in a bun all day! I am so surprised this cheap little accessory worked! Review by Nicole Grier
Satisfied with these bun makers
Overall Rating
I tried one bun maker bought in a dollar store and I get handaches from this too-tight bun at work. I will never use that bun maker again. My friend gave me one bought from here, and it's really comfortable to wear. Stay tight and add no burden to my hair and scalp. So I placed an order for myself. My hair is light coffee so the other 6 doesn't go with my hair color. But they are still useful for they are hidden in hair and won't show up. Review by Ebonee Joseph
Takes practice. But We love it!
Overall Rating
Takes a few to figure out, if you are not very good with large amounts of hair! Lol! But once I figured it out, it worked amazing on for my daughter who has extremely long hair!! Great product! Submitted pictures, you can see how long my daughters hair is, and how the product handled it so well!
Review by Heather
Overall Rating
The quality is good, the elasticity is good, the hair is very comfortable. Review by Mandy
Five stars
Overall Rating
Great for when you want to keep your hair our of your face and look decent. Once you figure out how to use this, it works very well and very easily. Review by Megan Lantry
Overall Rating
Works every time! My hair is thick and long and it works amazing! Very easy to use and makes a perfect bun! It snaps very quickly! Love putting my bun high and it looks so elegant! Review by Alexander
Reviewed Review - great product.
Overall Rating
Those things are the best. I just didn't get them straight at first. They always curled up right away, so I can make my own. I thought. But customer service showed me how its done. Thanks Review by David
Absolutely love these
Overall Rating
It's comfortable and nice to use it. But it does ping shut before you finish rolling sometimes so it takes time to practice. Practice makes perfect. I have tried on my sister's hair a dozen times and now I am a bun-making specialist. Review by Candy
Overall Rating
It is really what I want.The donut bun maker with 7 colors which are beautiful and natural. Mostly what I love. I used to have a black one but after I change my hair color, it is not suitable for my hair. Now, I've never worry about it. Review by brandon
Overall Rating
Well designed. Light-weight and small for carrying in my handbag. It's OK for everyday use. Review by Rafelina Estevez
Would definitely recommend it.
Overall Rating
I ordered for my daughter for dance because I had no clue how I was going to get a bun in her hair. This worked wonderfully. She had a perfect little bun on the top of her head and it stayed all day long! I would definitely recommend this product. Review by Trevis
Work great.
Overall Rating
I use it everyday, shopping, hanging or exercising. It is very useful and beautiful. Review by fernando ministro
Useful thing for summer
Overall Rating
My long hair often sticks to my neck and back in summer, which is really disturbing. It holds my hair and I feel cooler than before. It can stay tight whole day, which is amazing! I won't bother to cut my hair short or something in summer. I love bun maker! Review by miri
Overall Rating
This bun maker is super easy to use and it gives you a neat bun in a short amount of time. It is strong so it keeps my bun in place a whole day. I have used one all week along and it still works perfectly. So I think 7 is excessive. I would consider give some to my friends. Review by Trisha Roon
Great Product.
Overall Rating
I have been looking for this Fashion Hair Bun Disk for over a year, I have two of them but its has been years since I've had them and I needed some new ones and my daughter told me where to find them and I am so please to finally get them, now I see that they come in different colors that's great. Review by Dean alterator
Great time saver, elegant look!
Overall Rating
Love them! Where my hair up all the time. Saves so much time. Gave them to all the women in the family, they also loved them. Only one with very thick heavyweight hair has to work at getting it to hold Review by Marlene

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